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The Upton Men’s Club projects and programs are made possible by the community support of events such as golf tournaments, raffles and other fund raising activities spearheaded by the club. More information about the club activities, accomplishments and membership can be found in other sections of this website.
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The club operates with three basic purposes, equally important:

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Thinking Outside the Box

The Upton Men’s Club is always looking for above and beyond areas of need within the Upton community where we can help improve the lives of our residents and promote giving back.  The club has been discussing ways to promote community gathering and socialization, enjoyment of nature, participation in healthy outdoor activities, and the utilization and enjoyment of rural and scenic quality of our community, through the expansion and public use of underutilized land already owned by the Town.

We have come up with one idea for a Recreational Park and Community Amphitheater at the Stefans Farm plot.  The location is very scenic and secluded which presents many challenges, but could include such things as multiple covered picnic areas, a playground for kids, a dog park, hiking trails, and perhaps some other open air options with minimal impact to the environment.  An open air amphitheater would provide a venue to hold local events bringing our Upton residents together for entertainment and socialization.  Some of the social aspects of this Recreational Park and Community Amphitheater concept include:

  • family picnics
  • concerts
  • fundraisers
  • high school plays
  • outdoor movies
  • weddings
  • festivals
  • etc.

To learn more about this concept, click on the image below.