Funding Requests

The Upton Men's Club exists to provide support to the community where public funds fall short. We get involved in the community by supporting programs and activities within the community both by volunteering and providing financial support.

Thank you for contacting the Upton Men's Club. In order to submit a funding request, please fill out this form and click the submit button below. The UMC Board of Directors will review your application at their next monthly meeting,which is on the first Tuesday of every month. It will then be considered by the general membership at the next monthly meeting, typically on the third Wednesday of every month. You will then be contacted regarding your request by the president of the Upton Men's Club

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One of the primary goals of the UMC is to fund “above and beyond” projects that have a broad beneficial impact on the community, and might not happen otherwise. Please explain how you r request will meet this goal. Please feel free to attach a separate letter*
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